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The basal thermometer cyclotest lady

What is the cyclotest lady basal thermometer?

The cyclotest lady basal thermometer was specially developed for use with the NFP method. Measure your waking temperature daily after waking up and before getting up. By measuring the temperature the fertile and infertile days of the cycle can be determined. cyclotest lady is your helper for natural cycle control or targeted planning of offspring.

The jumbo display of the cyclotest lady has a four-digit display with 2 decimal places. The flexible measuring tip is ideal for oral, vaginal or rectal measurement. The last measured value is stored.

The cyclotest lady basal thermometer is a particularly sensitive thermometer and features modern temperature measurement technology. It has a high measuring accuracy because the temperature is measured better than, for example, conventional clinical thermometers.

Who is cyclotest lady for?

Have you decided on natural family planning and no longer want to burden your body with hormones? Or would you like to have a quick and targeted offspring? With cyclotest lady, the digital basal thermometer from cyclotest, you can determine your individual fertility using the temperature method.
What do I have to bear in mind when using cyclotest lady?

In order to calculate your cycle status, you need to pay attention to a few things. Keep cyclotest lady handy next to the bed. Place the measuring tip of the cyclotest lady under your tongue directly after waking up. Alternatively, you can also measure vaginally or rectally.

A beep sounds at the end of the measurement. Read off the measured value from the cyclotest lady and enter it in the attached graphs. Evaluate the temperatures according to the rules of Natural Family Planning.

At the beginning, you should reach for the cyclotest lady daily and determine your temperature values. As soon as you are familiar with your cycle, you can limit the morning measurement to the cycle-relevant days.

What is included in cyclotest lady?

  • cyclotest lady basal thermometer
  • handy pencil case
  • pencil
  • curves for 6 months
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