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Natural fertility status control with cyclotest myWay

Our cyclotest-myway

Are you not quite ready for a baby right now and searching for an alternative to the pill? Or are you trying to have a baby? cyclotest myWay calculates the days you are at risk of a pregnancy. And thanks to the option of changing the mode, you can use this information for both purposes. The greatest advantage is that the cycle computer adapts to your own special rhythm.

What information does cyclotest myWay indicate?

Primarily, it is about detecting your fertile and infertile days of your cycle. During the days of the month that you are fertile, you can decide if you should use additional means of contraception – for example a condom – or if you would like to plan your love life in advance and thus getting one step closer to falling pregnant. You attain a high level of certainty with minimal effort. You only need to take your basal body temperature in the mornings. Take a look at the many additional features, for example the tracking of you Body Mass Index in the Cycle Checking Mode or the Due Date Planner in the Child Planning Mode. Get an idea of how useful cyclotest myWay is!

Brand-new: cyclotest mySense

May we introduce: The basal thermometer cyclotest mySense, which is linked via Bluetooth to the cycle app of the same name. Never again enter temperature values manually! A perfect duo: The thermometer measures quickly and precisely and transfers the temperature values to the app, which then does the rest, namely the evaluation. You can select two targets in the app: Contraception or childbearing. The evaluation is based on the temperature method or the symptothermal method (NFP).

Your daily routine in the morning should be simple and easy? You want to live free and self-determined? Well then you are exactly right here!

cyclotest mySense - Anzeige fruchtbar

Tried and true: cyclotest 2 plus

cyclotest 2 plus for Natural Cycle Monitoring.

The cycle computer cyclotest 2 plus has been successfully on the market for a long time. Many women who wish to practise a method of contraception that is natural and hormone free have opted for the small cycle computer. The device makes it possible to determine fertility status without invasive means. When am I fertile, when am I infertile? These questions are answered without a great deal of effort. cyclotest 2 plus has the same basic functionality as the new generation cycle computer, cyclotest myWay. Additionally, the newcomer features a touch display as well as many extras. If you are interested in learning more about the differences between the two generations, please go to our comparison.

Ovulation, chlamydia, and pregnancy tests

Pregnancy Test

In this section, you will find information regarding the pregnancy tests by cyclotest. Our early tests can be used up to 4 days prior to the start of your regular period. Simply click on the info button!

Ovulation Test

The ovulation test measures the concentration of the hormone LH, which signals an impending ovulation. You can read more about cyclotest’s ovulation test by clicking on the info button.

Chlamydia Test

The chlamydia quick test by cyclotest is designed to be administered at home, discreetly and easily. Important information is available for you — just click on the info button!