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Frequently-asked Questions

about cyclotest myWay

regarding the device

Depending on frequency of use, the battery life is between 2 and 6 weeks.
No. The time has to be manually adjusted. Go to ‘Settings’ and then to ‘Date/Time’.
No, if the alarm is set to go off on only the days of your cycle that are relevant, then it will not sound after a measurement has been done. If your alarm is set to go off every day, then it will sound even after you have taken a measurement.

regarding what is displayed

For the current cycle, infertile and fertile phases are displayed in advance. If the device is set to trying to conceive mode, it also displays the days your fertility is at its peak.
The cycle computer evaluates your body temperature upon waking. In the daily chart, you will be asked to enter another symptom when it makes sense to do so. If you have reached the peak of your LH or of your cervical mucus, the timeframe of ovulation can be narrowed down even more precisely.
You can rely on the fertility status indicator starting the first day. After 6 cycles have been monitored and recorded, the highest level of accuracy in terms of predictability is achieved. That is when the cycle computer has become familiar with the special characteristics of your menstrual cycle.
PMS is the acronym for premenstrual syndrome, which refers to the physical and psychological symptoms that may present prior to menstruation. Once menstruation has started, these symptoms generally subside, but sometimes they persist for several days beyond that.

regarding the collected information

If, for example, you confused bleeding mid-cycle with your regular menstrual cycle, that is not critical. As long as the incorrectly entered cycle does not exceed 15 days, it will be automatically added to your previous cycle. However, if it does exceed 15 days, you should put it on inactive status in the menstrual cycle history.
Up to 12 menstrual cycles can be manually entered in to the cycle history. But entry is only possible up to the 5th day of your first cycle. After the 5th day the manual entry feature is blocked.
Yes, go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘measurement timeframe’ to make adjustments. This is only possible up until the first valid measurement. After that, the timeframe for this cycle can no longer be adjusted.
The cycle will not automatically start by entering ‘bleeding’. The start of the cycle must be activated separately. The entries, ‘bleeding’, or ‘mid-cycle bleeding’ are purely for documentary purposes.
This can be done using cyclotest mySoftware, that you must first install onto your PC. Installation instructions and user information can be found in the menu under cyclotest mySoftware.

regarding application

Measuring can begin with the first natural menstruation following discontinuation. Your first natural menstruation is your first cycle after the bleeding that immediately follows discontinuation of hormonal contraceptives.
You can use it as soon as your menstruation is regular again and you are not nursing at night.
Measurements are taken from the start of menstruation until the infertile phase after ovulation. You begin taking measurements the morning after you start your period, and take your body temperature once a day. You should take your temperature directly after you wake up, while you are still lying in bed, in other words, before doing any type of activity.
No, because the cycle computer is equipped with an intelligent measuring function. If the computer was unable to record and save a measurement result, 3 short electronic beeps signal that an error has occurred. If this happens, just start the measuring process over again!
The measuring sensor is designed for placement in your mouth, underneath your tongue. The measuring process starts when you activate the measurement button on the sensor. You may opt to take your temperature vaginally or rectally, but you should not change the measuring site during a cycle.
When irregularities occur, you should not measure. Alternatively, you can continue measuring and manually note the results for that particular day as a disruption. This includes, for example, not enough sleep, partying, consumption of alcohol, stress, a large meal late at night, taking medication that may impact your body temperature, sickness, and fever.


about cyclotest 2 plus

regarding the PC software

With the evaluation software for cyclotest 2 plus, you can display your fertility profile on your PC (Windows operating system). In order to collect the data from the device, the device has to be put into transfer mode. Follow these steps: Connect your cyclotest device with the PC using the included USB cable. Press the large round button on the device (just like you do in the mornings to complete a measurement). As soon as you see the first segments displayed, press the small round button and hold it down until you see USB in the display. Now your cyclotest is in transfer mode.
Once the data has been transferred, the cyclotest PC software for 2 plus creates a PDF file. Error messages appear if the programme cannot find a PDF reader. Please check if a PDF reader is installed. Help with installation for the cyclotest software itself can be found in the Download section.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the cycle computer that have not been addressed here, please feel free to contact our help hotline. Sometimes it is just easier to answer a question in a personal conversation over the phone.

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