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Is Ovulation Pain Normal?

Ovulation Pain - Symptoms

What Are the Symptoms? The sensation of ovulation pain is a twinge in the lower abdomen and it can last from one to several days. You might also feel a dragging pain or cramps, which can last for a few seconds or a few hours on either the left or right side of your belly.2 Some women […]

Luteal Phase Defect – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Luteal Phase Defect - Temperature

A luteal phase defect – also known as luteal insufficiency – can be a possible cause if a pregnancy does not happen. This disorder is also referred to as hormone-related infertility, since the progesterone is not sufficiently produced. The consequences are, due to a lack of nutrients in the endometrium, either a lack of implantation […]

Symptoms and Causes of Period Pain

Some women don’t feel any discomfort when they are bleeding, while others suffer from very painful periods, which are unbearable without any painkillers. Period pain (dysmenorrhoea) can be very uncomfortable and sometimes is accompanied by various other symptoms. Usually, period pain is medically not worrisome. However, in some circumstances, it may be caused by an […]

Healthy and Yummy Meals Before Your Period

Here comes part 2 of our recipe series „Eat yourself happy“. Chef Ralf Kronmüller prepared another mouth-watering menu that contains the perfect nutrients to fight PMS. Below you will find the recipes, which are easily prepared. Entrance: Marinated Avocado with Smoked Salmon, Curry Oil and Herbal Salad Avocado and Salmon is a heavenly combination with […]

Thrombosis and Thrombophilia

What Causes Thrombosis? Most of us think that mostly elder people are affected by thrombosis. However, developing thrombosis depends on various factors. Did you know that some people have an increased thrombosis tendency? This tendency is called thrombophilia and is either caused by a genetic mutation or can be acquired due to different factors. The […]