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Using cyclotest myWay – Simple and Easy Instructions!

Overview of the Basic Principles

Take your Temperature when you Wake up!

When you wake up, measure your body temperature before you get up. The comfortable measuring sensor is a component of the computer. cycotest myWay will let you know when it is time to take a measurement.

Find out what your Fertility Status is!

You can see if you are at risk of becoming pregnant today at first glance. The cycle computer also calculates your fertility status for several weeks into the future.

Love without Hormones!

If you are in the fertile phase, then there is a risk of pregnancy. You can use this information when trying to get pregnant or as an alternative to the contraceptive pill in line with natural cycle monitoring.

Using cyclotest takes only a few steps

Below you will find an illustrated tutorial with the most important application steps and helpful links.

Please note: cyclotest myWay can be used for two purposes. You can easily switch between them via the menu. In the Child Planning Mode, additional functions are available that we have marked in each case.

How do I operate cyclotest myWay?

Entering the start of a cycle with cyclotest myWay.

cyclotest myWay Cycle Start | © cyclotest

Starting your cycle

Your cycle begins with the first day of menstruation. Activate the cycle start function and begin your first cycle. If the first day of your period has already passed, feel free to back-date it.

Please note: You can use cyclotest myWay for both purposes. You can switch the mode in the menu. The Child Planning Mode offers additional features, which we have marked respectively.

Taking your body temperature

Measuring your body temperature when you wake up should begin the morning after the start of menstruation. The measuring sensor is ideally suited for taking your temperature underneath your tongue. Once you activate the measuring button on the sensor, the measuring process begins. An electronic beep signals the end of the measuring process. cyclotest myWay accepts a measuring window of 4 hours; this timeframe can be adjusted with every new cycle. Please be sure to always measure your temperature directly when you wake up and before getting out of bed!

Process: Begin by placing the sensor securely in the measuring site and then press the measuring button located at the top of the sensor. The measuring process has then begun.

Taking your temperature with cyclotest myWay.

Taking your temperature with cyclotest myWay | © cyclotest

Checking your fertility status via the Day Chart of cyclotest myWay.

cyclotest myWay Day Chart | © cyclotest

Finding out your fertility status

With the help of the day chart, you can find out whether you are currently in a fertile or infertile phase of your cycle. Caution is advised on fertile days. If you wish to be intimate with your partner, use an additional contraceptive, e. g. condoms.

Your fertility status when trying to become pregnant

If you are using cyclotest myWay in order to get pregnant, you can switch the mode to child planning. Looking at the day chart in the child planning mode, you can see in which phase of your monthly cycle you currently are, and when your next highly fertile timeframe is coming. Up-to-date and predictive.

cyclotest myWay Day Chart when highly fertile.

cyclotest myWay Day Chart when highly fertile | © cyclotest

 The Calendar of cyclotest myWay gives an outlook of the fertile and infertile days of the current cycle.

cyclotest myWay Calendar |  © cyclotest

Looking into the future

With the help of the calendar chart, you can look into the future. Your infertile days are clearly indicated in green in the colour scheme. There are no obstacles to intimacy. When set to the Child Planning Mode, cyclotest myWay also indicates your highly fertily days in magenta. During these days, the chance to conceive is particularly high.

Adding a second symptom

If you would like to increase the reliability of the results even further, you can do an ovulation test on the days indicated by the computer, or, alternatively, determine the consistency of your cervical mucus. The results are entered into the computer, and the evaluation is done by cyclotest myWay.

Inputting information on the female cycle with cyclotest myWay.

cyclotest myWay Inputs | © cyclotest

Entering a Disruption with cyclotest myWay.

cyclotest myWay Disruption | © cyclotest


Indicating a disruption

Many circumstances can impact your morning body temperature. These may include taking medication, consuming alcohol, and not getting enough sleep. These events can be registered so that the measurement result of the days these incidents occurred are not incorporated into the evaluation.

Attractive Extras

Additional features that focus on the female body

Documenting relevant information

Take note of everything that relates to your menstrual cycle. You can record the days you had unprotected intercourse for example. This information is represented in the day chart through the use of symbols.

cyclotest myWay allows you to input protected or unprotected sexual intercourse for documenation.

cyclotest myWay Intercourse |  © cyclotest

cyclotest myWay Bleeding

cyclotest myWay Bleeding | © cyclotest

Relevant information

When trying to conceive, stay abreast of all that is going on as part of your menstrual cycle. For instance, you can record the days you experienced ovulation pains or mid-cycle bleeding. This information is clearly displayed in the form of symbols.

Monitoring your Body Mass Index (BMI)

Being overweight or underweight results in stress on your body. Staying within a normal weight range adds to your overall wellbeing. Use cyclotest myWay to calculate your BMI and monitor its development across a longer timespan. The computer illustrates the information along a curve.

cyclotest myWay displays a BMI graph when entering the necessary data.

cyclotest myWay BMI Graph | © cyclotest

cyclotest myWay Skincare.

cyclotest myWay Skincare | © cyclotest

Getting skincare tips

It is not unusual to experience skin changes during the course of your menstrual cycle. With targeted care, skin problems can be mitigated, or even prevented. cyclotest myWay will show you which type of cream is most applicable for which days.

Become aware of possible ovarian insufficiency

An alert will notify you of a possible ovarian insufficiency. This may be a reason a pregnancy has not materialised. While the egg is fertilised, it cannot successfully attach to the lining of the uterine wall.

cyclotest myWay recognizes the signs of ovarian insufficiency.

cyclotest myWay Ovarian Insufficiency | © cyclotest

Get your Fertility Profile for your PC with cyclotest myWay.

cyclotest myWay Fertility Profile | © cyclotest

Transmitting cycle information

If you would like to discuss the events of your menstrual cycle with your gynaecologist, you can easily load all important information onto your PC. The cyclotest myWay computer comes with a USB cable. mySoftware offers a variety of processing functions. The installation file and user instructions are located under the menu item cyclotest mySoftware.

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