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FAQs cyclotest mySense

Everything you always wanted to know about cyclotest mySense

Here we have collected the most frequently asked questions about cyclotest mySense. If your question is not answered here, please write to us at info@cyclotest.de or call us at (+49) 93 42 / 92 40 40. We look forward to talking to you.

All about temperature measurement

You should perform the measurements once a day from the start of menstruation until the infertile phase after ovulation. Important: The measurements should be taken lying down, immediately after waking up and before getting up.

In order that the measured values do not fluctuate too much and can be evaluated, you should measure the basal temperature at the same time within a cycle if possible. At the beginning of each cycle you define a 4-hour measuring window in which you can determine the temperature value in this cycle. Measurements outside this time window are not saved.

Tip: If you always get up at 6:30 a.m. during the week, for example, but like to sleep a little longer at the weekend, it is advisable to set the measurement window to 6:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. However, make sure that your temperature values differ at the weekend and that they are not included if necessary.

When cyclotest® mySense has got to know you better (after approx. 6 cycles), the number of days marked as fertile may decrease, so that you no longer have to determine your body temperature at the beginning of your period. In order not to miss the start of the measuring phase, it is best to activate the reminder function in the menu under Reminder > Measure your basal temperature and select the option “Only remind me on relevant cycle days” under “Frequency”. Thus cyclotest® mySense only reminds you of the temperature measurement when it is important for determining your fertile days.

If you like regularity and want to get to know your body exactly, you can of course also determine the body temperature on each cycle day.

Measuring basal body temperature with cyclotest® mySense is as simple as measuring fever: press the start button and wait for a signal (optical and/or acoustic, depending on your settings). Then simply place the sensor under one of the tongue pockets and hold it there with the mouth closed until the measuring process is completed after a second signal.

Optionally you can measure vaginally or rectally. The measurement normally takes between 30 and 60 seconds.

You can measure orally, vaginally or rectally. You can set the measurement location at the beginning of each cycle.
cyclotest mySense specifies a 4-hour measurement window within which measurements should be taken daily. If you work shifts (night shift), it is usually difficult to measure during the entire cycle within this measurement window. If you do manage to measure regularly, it is also important that you have had enough sleep. In short: The prerequisite for using cyclotest mySense is regular measurement of the basal body temperature in the specified time window and sufficient sleep before measuring.
You should have slept at least 5 hours and not got up in the last hour before the measurement.

If you experience irregularities such as insufficient sleep, partying, alcohol, stress, lavish eating late in the evening, taking temperature-changing medication, illness or fever, you should skip the measurement. Of course, you can still measure and record a disturbance for that day. cyclotest mySense will then exclude this value from the calculation of fertile days.
When your first natural menstruation begins after stopping hormonal contraception, you can start measuring. Be careful not to confuse natural bleeding with withdrawal bleeding.
The measuring time of 3 minutes dates back to the time when basal thermometers (like other thermometers) were still filled with mercury as measuring liquid. Since this has no longer been permitted since 2009, and since digital measurement has become established at the same time, there have been new measurement times of less than 3 minutes. cyclotest mySense belongs to the latest generation of basal temperature sensors, which enables fast, reliable measurement.

The reason for this is simple: digital clinical thermometers are set so that they indicate the maximum temperature measured to date after a certain period of time without a significant rise in temperature. Since the basal temperature measurement depends on tenths of a degree, these two variables are set differently here: On the one hand, this period is defined longer, and on the other hand, the temperature rise is set lower. The longer measurement time results from these two factors.

All about the thermometer

When the device is switched off, press and hold the M/bt data transmission button for at least 1 second, but no longer than 5 seconds, until the Bluetooth symbol appears in the display. The device now connects to the app. If the connection is successful, the display shows “APP” and the display lights up green.
In normal use (one daily measurement incl. data transfer) the battery lasts approx. 1 year. By the way: When you switch on the thermometer, a so-called full segment display appears briefly each time, in which the battery symbol also appears. This is not an indication of a low charge level!
If the battery symbol at the bottom right of the display flashes while the thermometer is in use, this indicates that the battery is low. You can then make a few more measurements, but you should have a new battery ready. If an empty battery symbol appears, you can no longer perform a measurement. When you switch on the thermometer, a so-called full-segment display appears briefly each time, in which the battery symbol also appears. This is not an indication of a low charge level!
Simple: Open the battery compartment on the back using a coin counterclockwise and insert the new CR2032 (3.0 V) lithium coin cell. Make sure that the “+” points upwards. Then close the battery compartment again and synchronize the thermometer with the app again: Activate Bluetooth on the smartphone, open the app and then press the M or On-/Off button on the thermometer.
Yes. cyclotest mySense has a gold-plated measuring tip, which ensures that you have no contact with the stainless steel underneath when measuring.

All about the app

If a temperature value is not transferred, it is recommended to perform a test measurement to check the connection between the app and the thermometer. This can be done at any time under “Menu > Settings > Test Measurement”. Simply take a measurement and then tap on “Transfer test measurement”. The measured value should now appear in the app and thus confirm the successful connection. If problems occur or future transfers do not work, please contact cyclotest support directly!
Please check whether you have measured within your measurement time window, because only these values are transferred. You can easily check this by holding down the M/Bluetooth button on the cyclotest mySense thermometer until you are in memory (display M). The time and date are displayed here in addition to the temperature value. By pressing the M/Bluetooth button you can also query older values.
No. The measurement result will be transmitted the next time the smartphone is switched on again. cyclotest mySense can store up to 30 measurement results and the app automatically fetches the missing measurements.
Yes, but only until the first valid measurement. After that it can only be changed again in the next cycle.
Yes, you can easily undo the start of the current cycle by deselecting the first day under “Input > Bleeding”. Please note that all subsequent bleeding entries will then also be reset. You can then re-enter the start of the cycle/the bleeding on the correct day.
If you are in the first cycle, you can add up to six previous cycles that you have collected using, for example, a rule calendar or another basal thermometer.
The subsequent deletion of cycles is not possible, but you can set individual cycles to inactive at any time so that they are not included in the evaluation.
You can push your message to your smartphone to measure basal body temperature and/or document cervical mucus. Under Menu > Reminder you can activate all reminders.
Before the change, it is important that you transfer all stored measurements to the app. After the change, the old values can no longer be transferred to the new smartphone! If you switch to another smartphone after installing the app, you will be asked if you already have an account. After logging in, you will be told that this account is already paired with another smartphone. You can now pair the account with the new phone via the “Replace smartphone” button.
After logging into the mySense app, Bluetooth and GPS positioning is requested. GPS is required for pairing the mySense thermometer and is a prerequisite for the active search for Bluetooth devices in the Android operating system. Therefore, GPS is mandatory for pairing with devices. After successful pairing GPS can be deactivated again.

All about the cycle chart

The export function makes exporting or printing very easy. At the bottom right in portrait view and at the top left in landscape format you will find the export button, which shows an arrow pointing upwards. Tap the button to export the selected cycle as a PDF document. You can save it, download it, send it and of course print it.
The transfer of the measurement time was implemented with the update of the mySense app released on 08.03.21. Only after updating the app to version 2.0.5 will the measurement time be transferred to the app and saved. The measurement time is not displayed retroactively.
For the selected day (marked in purple), you can jump directly to the entries in the cycle chart via the pencil symbol and adjust them.
No, only the entries relevant to the evaluation, such as cervical mucus or LH, disruptions and, of course, the recorded temperature values, have an effect on your basal body temperature chart. All other entries are documentary and are intended to give you the opportunity to determine certain correlations in your cycle.
By touching a temperature value or the displayed input symbol, the precisely stored value appears.
The yellow bar in your basal body temperature chart marks the recognised incresed temperature day in your cycle.
The temperature range dynamically adapts to your recorded readings and can be displayed in different steps (0.05, 0.1 or 0.15 °C) depending on the difference between the readings, so that all values can be displayed to you.

Questions about everything else

As soon as your menstruation is regular and you no longer breast-feed at night, you can use cyclotest mySense. Before this, you would probably lack the sleep needed for an unaltered measurement (at least 5 hours at a time).
The thermometer takes the current time from the app and also shifts the measurement time window according to the time offset. Press the M/Bluetooth button briefly before the first measurement (at least 1 second, maximum 5 seconds) until the Bluetooth symbol appears in the display.
The thermometer takes the current local time from the app and also shifts the measurement window according to the time offset. Press the M/Bluetooth button briefly before the first measurement (at least 1 second, maximum 5 seconds) until the Bluetooth symbol appears in the display. If you are in a different time zone, you should generally not start taking measurements until you have acclimatised.
If your cycles are between 16 and 45 days, you can use cyclotest mySense for contraception or for fertility. In addition, the length of your 2nd half of the cycle after ovulation should not be less than 11 days.
cyclotest mySense creates a fertility profile based on your morning wake-up temperature, which you record in the morning before you get up. The process only takes 30-60 seconds. The great thing about it: you only have to determine the temperature on cycle-relevant days. As soon as cyclotest mySense has detected the start of the period after ovulation that is not suitable for fertilisation, you can stop taking your temperature until the next menstruation (= 1st day of the following cycle).

When cyclotest mySense has got to know you better (after approx. 6 cycles) you no longer need to start measuring directly at the beginning of your period. In order not to miss the start of the measurement phase, it is best to activate the basal body temperature reminder in the menu. Select the option “Only remind me on relevant cycle days” here. This way, cyclotest mySense only reminds you to take your temperature when it is important for your fertility determination.

Your data will be stored in a cloud on servers in Germany. Our partner Hetzner is certified according to DIN ISO/IEC 27001:2013, which proves an adequate security management, the security of the data, the confidentiality of the information and the availability of the IT systems.


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