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Symptothermal method

Combining two ovulation symptoms

The various methods of Natural Family Planning (NFP) can also be combined. Termperature recording is the basis of the methodology. If it is combined with a an additional symptom, then we are talking about the symptothermal method. The consistency of the cervical mucus is often used as the second marker of ovulation.1 Examining the concentration of the ovulation hormone, LH, is another possibility. Observing several signs of ovulation allows for greater precision in defining the days of the month a woman is fertile. It is difficult to find a regular pattern in women who experience highly irregular menstrual cycles, and this method is not ideally suited in these cases.

What you need to do depends on the second symptom you wish to add to the temperature readings. Thus, in addition to the morning temperature recordings, you may have to perform several ovulation tests during the month. Alternatively, you need to observe and document the changes in the consistency of your cervical mucus.
It is important that two symptoms are regularly collected, documented, and, most importantly, interpreted together as a whole.

The Bottom Line

This approach requires discipline and care. In addition to the regular collection and documentation of the various symptoms, specific knowledge with respect to the interpretation of the results is also necessary.1

The form of Natural Family Planning described here is complex and requires prior knowledge of the subject. When implemented correctly and competently, this method has been shown to be highly effective. The cycle computers by cyclotest follow exactly this methodology. They support you in collecting and interpreting these various symptoms and define your fertile phase of the month with a high level of precision. With our fertility computers, you can take advantage of the high pearl index this method provides, without having to acquire detailed expertise in the field of Natural Family Planning. The cycle computers allow you to combine the temperature with either the results of an ovulation test, which indicate the so-called LH peak, or the observations of the cervical mucus by entering the mucus peak.

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