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cyclotest mySense – Your Fertility Tracker

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Are you using your smartphone as a tool to better organize your life? Why shouldn’t it also be used to manage contraception, cycle monitoring or the desire to have children? And it’s convenient and safe via Bluetooth – no cable, no extra device, just the cyclotest® mySense thermometer and its app. It automatically evaluates your data so that you can concentrate on the other important things in life!

cyclotest mySense is a digital Bluetooth basal thermometer of the latest generation. Together with the app, you can see the days on which a child can develop or not.

Simple, right? For your contraception or for your desire to have children! For more self-determination and health!

The cyclotest mySense app is a Class IIb medical device and therefore approved for contraception.

A few insights into the cyclotest mySense app

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Would you like to learn more about cyclotest mySense? What other functions does cyclotest mySense have? What are the first steps? Where can I find answers to my individual questions?

Why cyclotest mySense?

cyclotest mySense has been developed for women who want to track their cycle comfortably and without much effort. It becomes a simple and effortless part of your daily routine – like brushing your teeth, just for contraception or the desire to have children. With cyclotest mySense, observing your own cycle is fun. Even if you travel a lot, cyclotest mySense is discrete and always with you.

Contraceptive Alternative without Hormones

Tired of the pill? Or are you no longer allowed to take it for health reasons? Are you tired of hormones and don’t want to use foreign substances for contraception? Do the side effects of the pill bother you and you don’t know what to do? Do you want more freedom and self-determination, also in terms of sex and contraception? Then cyclotest mySense is just right for you.

Do you know the reactions of men to the pill for men? “Don’t take these pills! I call that half castration. Chemistry makes you sick”. Or: “I would never take such a garbage.” Why should WE take them? Stop taking the pill and cyclotest mySense offers a hormone-free alternative.

Latest technology: Digitalization 4.0

Natural cycle observation is costly, some say. Not with cyclotest mySense! cyclotest mySense uses Bluetooth technology. This gives you the advantage that your temperature values are transmitted wirelessly and directly to your smartphone. You also don’t have to worry about the evaluation. The fertile phase is also determined automatically.

With cyclotest mySense, we are the first German company to develop a cycle app including a Bluetooth basal thermometer that is approved for contraception. We are thus setting standards in the field of contraception, women’s health and digitization.

Fertility clear and precise

You want an exact fertility calculator? Which tells you precisely when your ovulation and fertile days are? Right on the start page you will be given a clear fertility indicator: fertile or not fertile. The special feature of cyclotest mySense: In fertility wish mode, you will even be shown your highly fertile days! This is the time in which the probability of pregnancy is highest. Because if you want to become pregnant, the right time is important!

Transparent cycle monitoring

cyclotest mySense scores with a high level of user-friendliness and transparency. NFP beginners and women who do not yet know their cycle are individually supported in cycle observation. Experienced users can benefit from the advantages of computer-assisted evaluation, but still have a transparent view of the temperature curve and all additional inputs at all times.

Further questions? Important articles are available in the comprehensive advisor area.

Proven cyclotest algorithm

The fertility algorithm is based on the symptothermal method and the algorithm of our proven cycle computer cyclotest myWay. The method stands for reliable contraception or rapid fulfilment of your wish to have a child.

cyclotest mySense is the first contraceptive app incl. Bluetooth basal thermometer from a German manufacturer that is a Class IIb medical product and thus approved for natural contraception. cyclotest mySense is also CE-certified. The special feature of cyclotest mySense: Instead of the cervical mucus, you can also enter the result of an ovulation test (LH) and include it in the fertility calculation.

Free and absolutely self-determined

You don’t want to regulate your body with hormones anymore? Do you want to find out what your natural cycle feels like and which body signals are related to your hormonal changes? All the natural chemical reactions in the body are responsible for happiness, joy, lust, despair and anger – and many other emotional states.

With cyclotest mySense you get to know the connections between your body signals and your cycle. The female cycle is very individual. The more you know about your cycle phases, the better you get to know yourself.

Pursuing your goal

cyclotest mySense adapts to your needs, no matter in which phase. You are supported in natural contraception by precisely calculating your infertile phase on the basis of your body signals.

If you wish to have children, the highly fertile days are decisive. On these days you should definitely have sex if you want to have a baby.

Cycle observation all inclusive

You wonder to what extent pimples and co. are connected to your cycle? Or do headaches, fatigue or mood swings have anything to do with your hormones?

With cyclotest mySense you can track symptoms of all kind and, depending on the phase of your cycle, take preventive measures against complaints. You will even be warned of the infamous PMS phase.

Comprehensive know-how

UEBE Medical launched the cyclotest brand in 1952 as a manufacturer of medical equipment. Since then, temperature measurement has become more and more specialised. The sensors of the latest generation used in the thermometer are particularly sensitive and of high quality and normally allow a short measurement time. The large sensor tip additionally accelerates the measuring process, as the temperature can be distributed extremely quickly and evenly.

What our users say about cyclotest mySense

Nicole I. from R.

Hormone-free contraception with cyclotest mySense

I’m thrilled how easy and intuitive the thermometer and app are to use. In addition, every input option and function is super explained with an info button. I will definitely recommend cyclotest mySense to others.

Daniela E. from S.

Uses cyclotest mySense to help to have children

With cyclotest mySense, I immediately felt I was in good hands. This is especially important to me when it comes to such a sensitive topic as getting pregnant. The app has totally appealed to me personally and you immediately notice that there is a lot of heart and soul in it.

Irina S. from H.

Wants to get to know her cycle

I have always been curious about how physical symptoms – such as my mood or my skin – are related to my cycle. The app makes it possible to recognize the connections. That’s great!

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