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First steps with cyclotest mySense

cyclotest mySense – You start that easy!

cyclotest mySense hello welcome

cyclotest mySense consists of an inseparable pair: the digital basal thermometer with Bluetooth function and the associated cycle app.

Sign up!

cyclotest mySense signing up

Tap on “I don’t have an account yet” and start the registration process. Enter your name (the first name is sufficient) and your e-mail address and enter a password. After you have agreed to the terms and conditions and the privacy policy, you can continue.

Connect your thermometer to the app!

cyclotest mySense connecting the thermometer

The packaging of your cyclotest mySense basal body thermometer contains a short manual with an activation code. You must now enter this code so that the app and the thermometer can find each other. Then press the round M/Bluetooth button on your thermometer and the two are paired.

Make a test measurement!

cyclotest mySense test measurement

In order to quickly get used to measuring, you can now carry out a test measurement. To do this, briefly press the start button on the thermometer. “On” appears in the display. The device then performs a short self-test, during which all display segments are briefly shown.

The battery symbol shown here does not indicate a low battery status.

cyclotest mySense - Vollsegmentanzeige beim Einschalten

cyclotest mySense – Full segment display when switching on

After the first signal (optical and/or acoustic), place the thermometer under your tongue. After about 30 to 60 seconds a second signal shows the end of the measurement. Tap on “Transfer test value” in the app. If the test measurement was successful, tap “Next”.

Customize the settings!

cyclotest mySense customization

You can now enter your measurement time, location, age and destination. You can still change some of these data during the application and tap on “Skip” here.

Enter your last menstrual period!

cyclotest mySense entering menstruation

cyclotest mySense would now like to know when the first day of your last menstruation was and how long your cycles are normally. Can’t remember when your last period was? Then the cycle starts with the current day and is set to inactive. You can then start the next menstruation.

Add cycles!

cyclotest mySense adding cycles

You now have the opportunity to add cycles that you tracked before using cyclotest mySense here. Of course, you can also do this later during the entire first cycle.

Now you’re ready to go!

cyclotest mySense finished

You did it! We wish you a lot of fun measuring, tracking and getting to know your cycle.

Further information on cyclotest mySense

If you need detailed information on cyclotest mySense or have questions, you can find more here:

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