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cyclotest myWay – focus on user friendliness

When a new product is introduced on the market, it is particularly important that its functionalities and design meet the requirements or preferences of its potential users. In the development of the new generation of cycle computers, our focus has not changed. Our primary objective continues to be: to support women in their practise of natural, hormone-free cycle monitoring.

What does the cycle computer need to provide from the user’s perspective?

We asked ourselves which features of our proven generation of devices should remain the same, and which functions could be even further enhanced in the new generation. In addition to reliability and easy handling, it is important that all relevant information is clearly displayed. Users should not have to acquire special technical knowledge to operate the device. Aesthetics also play an important role — using the device should be enjoyable.

In order to ensure that the new product would indeed meet the needs of the users, the device was tested by women interested in the subject. Feedback encompassed all aspects of the product, and helped us to further optimise cyclotest myWay.

Our cyclotest-myway

Experiences with cyclotest myWay

Choosing the method of contraception that is right for you is a sensitive subject. Reaching a decision often requires weeks of research and consultations with a gynaecologist. The Internet also provides many sources of information. Advice from users who have already acquired experience with the respective method is particularly helpful. We will let this page grow soon so that you can take part in the first experiences with cyclotest myWay.