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You want to have a baby? In our section we have collected a lot of information and helpful tips for you, which will help you to fulfill this wish – but also answers to questions that arise when you want to have a child: What fertility is all about, which hints you have to pay attention to, which tricks there are, if it doesn’t work out immediately and also what men can do, so that soon a baby is on its way.

Wanting to Get Pregnant and Having a Child

You want to get pregnant and can’t wait to fulfill your desire to have a baby? Then you are in good hands in this section: What about my cycle and fertility? What helps me with family planning? Which days are most suitable for sex and fertilisation if you want to have a child? Which diet is good for me? What are the first signs of pregnancy and how can I recognize them early on? In addition, tips for doing good to the unborn child, checklists with helpful information about the desire to have children and the health up to the birth.

Woman who Wants to Get Pregnant

Woman who Wants to Get Pregnant | Foto: lassedesignen/fotolia


Desire to Have Children

wanting children - how to get there!

wanting children – how to get there! | Foto: gitusik/fotolia

,Many women with a desire to have children think that they get pregnant immediately at the first attempt. And many people are now hearing about fertility problems for the first time. Maybe you too? If an unfulfilled desire to have children is your topic, you are in the right place. We will show you different causes and explain when a visit to the doctor’s office makes sense.


Getting Pregnant with cyclotest myWay

The cycle computer cyclotest myWay offers a really helpful support, with which you can easily determine your fertile days around ovulation. Completely free of side effects and uncomplicated, this first step is often enough to turn the dream of a child into reality.

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