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Is cyclotest myWay right for me?

The adaptive cycle computer was designed to support women in practising natural methods of cycle monitoring as well as for women who wish to become pregnant. The primary function of the device is to calculate on which days during the menstrual cycle a woman is fertile and on which days she is infertile. This information allows you to live your love life prudently, if you are in the cycle control mode, or to increase the chances of conception, if you are in the child planning mode.

If you choose our natural method, we would like to accompany you on your way. On our website you will find background information on Natural Family Planning as well as hints and tips on changing from hormonal contraception to a natural form of contraception.

The cycle computer may be used from the end of puberty to the beginning of menopause.

The workings of the cycle computer are based on the temperature method of natural family planning. A woman’s body temperature upon waking follows a distinct pattern throughout the course of the menstrual cycle. However, since body temperature only varies by a few tenths of a degree, it is important that the body’s natural processes are not disrupted by external factors. Under certain conditions, the use of cyclotest myWay in not recommended. These include:



Regular sleep patterns are very important. If your sleeping pattern is irregular, due to shift work for example, your temperature measurements may be distorted. cyclotest myWay is therefore also not recommended for women who are nursing at night since they also do not have regular sleep hours.

In order to get a reliable measurement, at least five hours of sleep are required. Inadequate sleep may result in distorted measurements.
cyclotest myWay should not be used by women who experience extraordinarily long or short menstrual cycles. This includes menstrual cycles that exceed 45 days in duration, or those that have a post-ovulation phase of less than 11 days.

The same applies to women who have not yet regained their regular bleeding cycle following a pregnancy.

cyclotest myWay for women to Deterimne Fertile Days

cyclotest myWay for Women to Determine Fertile Days | Foto: WavebreakmediaMicro/fotolia

What else should I consider?

cyclotest myWay with pill blister pack.

cyclotest myWay with pill blister pack | Foto: © cyclotest

Using cyclotest myWay should follow a deliberate approach. During your menstrual cycle, many different factors may have an impact on basal temperature. If, for example, you have consumed alcohol or are catching a cold, you can note these incidents as a disruption. The cycle computer then recognizes that the results of that particular day should not be incorporated.

Results may be affected if you are taking hormones.

If you were previously using hormonal contraceptives, such as the pill, you should wait to have your first natural menstruation. Your first natural menstruation is not the bleeding immediately following discontinuation of the pill, as this is also a hormone-induced event, but the ovulatory cycle that follows the bleeding that occurred as a result of discontinuing the oral contraceptives.