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Hormone-free and specifically adaptive to you

Free of hormones

cyclotest myWay helps you monitor your menstrual cycle naturally and without side effects. The device is non-invasive and does not alter your body’s processes. Just be yourself! You will not have to worry about adverse effects such as migraines or loss of libido, which may be caused by hormonal contraceptives. In case of a wish for a child the cycle computer calculates the days of the month your chances of becoming pregnant are the greatest.


Your point of contact with the device is the measuring tip of the cycle computer. The development of this part of the device was therefore of the utmost importance to us. To protect against nickel allergies, the tip of the sensor is gold plated. Furthermore, we have exclusively selected biocompatible synthetics1 for the manufacturing process. cyclotest myWay is a medical product and the algorithms it uses have been clinically tested.

Precise calculation

In determining the days of the month during which a woman is fertile, precision is key. Menstrual cycles vary in duration from one woman to the next, and also from one month to the next in the same woman. cyclotest myWay recognizes these variabilities and incorporates them in the evaluation process. The device does not assign one-size-fits-all cycle durations or ovulation schedules.

Practical and demand-based


If you choose cyclotest myWay, you will get an all-in-one solution. The cycle computer comes with the measuring instrument as well as the algorithms used in the evaluation process. All results are clearly displayed and can be transferred to your PC using cyclotest mySoftware. Given its practical size, cyclotest myWay fits conveniently into your purse.

Easy and intuitive

The cycle computer sends you reminders about everything you need to do. An alarm sounds when you should measure your body temperature. It also indicates on which days you should perform an ovulation test. Based on the results, you decide how you wish to conduct your love life.


cyclotest myWay identifies the timeframe during which you are fertile and lets you know when there is a chance that you might become pregnant. What you do with that information is up to you – abstain or use a condom or plan your love life accordingly to become pregnant.

Effective and multifaceted

Highly effective

Manufactured in Germany and CE certified, cyclotest myWay can be used symptothermal. This method has been shown to be very effective when combining the temperature method with cervical mucus observations, provided that the method is applied correctly.

Learn more about the effectiveness and the Pearl Index

Keep abreast of events

The cycle computer allows you to document a variety of events concerning your menstrual cycle. You can record when you had unprotected intercourse, or the last time you experienced ovulation pains. Irregular bleeding episodes mid-cycle can also be noted. The information is clearly displayed in the form of symbols.

Interesting Extras

Take advantage of many attractive additional features. You can calculate and track your body mass index (BMI). All you have to do is enter your weight on a regular basis — and the cycle computer will send you reminders to do so. You can follow your progress via the BMI curve. Additionally, the computer provides valuable tips regarding skin care.

Advantages after Going off the Pill

If you have previously used hormonal contraception, the transition is quite simple. The only thing you really have to wait and see is your first natural bleeding. Often the cycle is still very irregular in the first few months after stopping the pill. The great advantage of cyclotest myWay starts right here: It recognizes these fluctuations and calculates the fertile days taking into account these irregularities. Before and after ovulation, certain processes are triggered in the body. If these are identified, ovulation can be reliably narrowed down. In our advice section we have put together tips and information on how to stop taking the pill.


1tested in accordance with ISO 10993-1

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