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Migraine with Aura and Contraception

A migraine with aura is different from a “normal” migraine, as it is preceded by disturbed sensory perception. This may include disorders of the sense of smell, visual disturbances, acroparaesthesia as well as neurological symptoms, speech disorder and paralytic symptoms. The symptoms of aura normally disappear once the migraine hits.

Migraine with Aura

Endometriosis Symptoms

Endometriosis is the development of uterine-lining tissue – the endometrium – outside the uterus. The symptoms of this disorder may include abdominal pain, heavy periods, and infertility.

Endometriose Diagnosis

What is the Basal Body Temperature?

The basal body temperature is the body temperature of a woman in the morning after waking up and before getting up. It is therefore often called waking temperature. The basal body temperature changes in the course of the menstrual cycle, so that the evaluation of the basal temperature curve (temperature method) can be used to determine the fertile days.1

Determining Cervical Mucus

The quality and amount of cervical mucus varies from woman to woman and can change due to age, lifestyle and diet. However, cervical discharge undergoes certain stages over the course of a menstrual cycle, which are similar in every woman. These variations are indicators for the respective cycle phase as well as ovulation.
The great thing about monitoring your mucus is that it gets much easier after some time practising. Determining and analysing cervical fluid is a matter of experience that needs to be combined with general knowledge of cervical mucus.

documenting cervical mucus

PMS? Eat Yourself Happy!

You would like to nurture your body without missing out on yummy food? Together with celebrity chef Ralf Kronmüller, we created some recipes to fight bad mood and PMS symptoms. The focus lies on selected, fresh ingredients and dishes which raise your spirit and are easy to prepare.

Recipe Broccoli Vegetable Soup